Restaurant Review: Gang Chon Ssam Bab by Cindy Lee

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Through the winding streets of leafy Pyeongchang-dong, there is a jewel of a restaurant which should be a destination for any foodie and is easy on the pocket. Across the street from the modern Gana Art Center which serves as an easy landmark, Gang Chon Ssam Bab extols the virtues of the old world.

The exterior setting is serene with vines, large hanging gourds and clay pots and as you walk through the entrance of the restaurant, you automatically sense that you are in for some great traditional flavors. Be prepared to take your shoes off and sit on the floor, Korean-style.

Gang Chon SSam Bab specializes in “ssam” or lettuce wraps. On the walls I noticed photos which display and name the wide variety of lettuces which arrive with the meal. I instantly recognize red and green leaf varieties but there are many more which I don’t recognize.  I count seventeen types in total.

Patrons are mainly Korean and English is spoken at a minimum here, but that’s okay. There really isn’t a menu at Gang Chon Ssam Bab which makes ordering easy; just gesture the number of portions.

A set menu arrives with slices of mouth-watering steamed pork belly and other accompaniments (“banchan”) such as kimchi and pickled garlic, and of course the large pile of lettuce. Flavors range from mild, to bitter, and even spicy. I eat my fill testing different varieties of lettuces with different combinations of banchan with lashings of “ssamjang,” the savory bean paste which perfects each bite. The rice is laid down in individual stone pots which are meant to be emptied and filled with hot water in order to enjoy every last caramelized morsel.

I finish my meal feeling full, but still vibrant after consuming so much leafy goodness. At less than 8000 won a person, I will certainly be back to spread the word.

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