Seoul Eats Meet-up this Saturday at Lugo Italian Restaurant in Apgujeong

Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

I hope you are all eating well. The last Seoul Eats Meet-up with the 2S2 Seoul Community group went very well. We had over 30 people come out. We started with Tteok Mandu-guk (Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup) then went and had corn hotteok, and then we went to a cafe. Everyone had a good time.

I wanted to let you know that I would like to do another Seoul Eats meet-up this Saturday on Janurary 23, 2010 at 12:30pm. This week it will be at Lugo Italian Restaurant in Apgujeong. Recently, I met the chef, Mark Battle and I was totally impressed with his philosophy of cooking and the cuisine that he is bringing to Seoul.

The interior of Lugo has a kinetic New York feel to it and his menu doesn't have your typical, boring Italian Fare. The thing I found most impressive on his menu was his mozzarella made to order and topped with figs or topped with prosciutto and roasted peppers. Because the mozzarella is made seconds before arriving at your table, it retains all of the rich milk, the texture is firmer- not grainy, and the warmth of the cheese is simply provocative.

He also makes his pasta in house and his desserts, like his vanilla bean panna cotta, are to die for. This would be a great place to check out before making reservations for Valentine's Day.

This Saturday starting at 12:30pm, he will be offering Seoul Eats a special menu:

-A pre-app sampler of the two mozzarella dishes, one ball of each.
-An individual appetizer plate with tasting portions of the gnocchi and tuna tartare dishes, and a small
  tri-colore salad
-Spaghetti Pomodoro, Taglietelle Bolognese, and Margherita Pizza served family style
-Sea Bass and Pork chop entrees served family style
-Platters of all of our desserts served family style, coffee included

The cost is 35,000 per person. Please send me an e-mail to reserve your spot. Also, please if you make a reservation, please don't cancel because that means I'll probably have to cover you. You can prepay by sending money via bank transfer to my account:

Bank: 외환은행 KEB
Name: Daniel Lee Gray
Account Number: 620-166405-828

If you plan on paying while there, please bring cash.

Lugo is located in Apgujeong near Club Circle and Ansae Pyeongwon (Ansae Hospital). At Club Circle, make a right down the street. Lugo is across from the Buy the Way.

Attached is a map and a naver map link.

Lugo 02-512-0572-3

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