Success! Seoul Eats Meet-up in Insadong

We started with a group of 15 for lunch at koong in Insadong for Tteok Mandu guk.

Some of us had a little Baeksaeju to start the day.

The tteok mandu guk (rice cake dumpling soup) is quite famous at koong. Why is it famous? They have excellent broth, the dumplings are packed with awesomeness, and the ricecakes look like 2 little pearls smashed together.

Kimchi and Turnip Kimchi

The ricecake from Koong

The Mandu from Koong

Then we headed off to find Hotteok. Hotteok is a common winter street food. It's basically a fried rice donut with melted cinnamon, peanut caramel in the center.

Here the dough is crispier because they use corn meal. Yum.

Melissa is double fisting her's because it's just that good.

Thanks for coming out!
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