Where to find English High Tea in Seoul

Here is some action happening on the Seoul Eats Facebook Page.  You can easily join the group by going here. 

Renate was looking for English High Tea service for a friend.

Renate  Hi everyone^^ Does anyone know a teahouse in Seoul where you can have English High Tea (it's also being called Afternoon Tea - it's tea served with cookies, cakes, sandwhiches and more sweets^^)? Me and some people from Couchsurfing are planning to do this on either 10th or 17th, but we are still looking for a good pla...ce~ If anyone wants to join us, please PM me! I'll post again here once the exact date and place have been decided :) Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!^^ Renate 정란^^

Here is a response from Hyungseung:

Hyunseung Lee The 'Cornerstone' has a weekend Dessert that serves sandwich, bread and some dessrt with fresh juice, coffee and tea. It is a kind of dessert buffet.
Time. It's only on weekends from 3pm~5pm. It costes fee 25000won per person(excluding vat 10%). You can find it at the Park Hyatt Seoul at the Cornerstone.

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