Korean to English Translator needed for Korean Food Menu Project

Job: Korean to English Translator
Career Level: Entry Level
Job Status: Part-time
Degree Level: Currently attending University or a graduate
Pay: 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 depending on experience
Location: Seoul
Starting Date: ASAP
Company: O'ngo Food Communications www.ongofood.com
Job Description: Translate Korean food names and descriptions into English
Contact: Daniel Gray seouleats@gmail.com 

            O'ngo Food Communications is looking for a couple of Korean to English Translators to work on a Korean menu development project. The translated items will go into a dictionary of Korean food. The goal of this project is translate different regional cuisines from around Seoul into English to help promote Korean food overseas.

            The qualified persons should have a good grasp of written English and Korean. The persons should also have a general understanding of Korean food. The persons should also be self-motivated, have attention to detail, and be able to meet deadlines.

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