My Ode to Yuna Kim

Kim Yuna, Yuna Kim, you skate like... Ice on ice, a silk scarf caught on the breeze, or even like a Perez Hilton scandal through the net. (Perez, by-the-way you best leave my Yuna alone)

Kim Yuna, I mean Yuna Kim, you are so graceful that you were born with two lady's names.

Oh, it was breathtaking to see 007 shaken on ice by you - no one could, would, or will ever do it better.

Yuna Kim, I mean Kim Yuna, when you performed an entire nation stood still, and then jumped and cried when the music came to a still. (I am sure those on the opposite side of the planet felt the tremor.)

Oh, Kim Yuna, Yuna Kim, you have a long life ahead of you. Do one more victory lap for me.



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