Cherry Blossom with a side of roast pig, yum~

Finally, Spring has arrived in Korea!
My family and I ventured outside of Seoul to Jinhae(진해) to enjoy the cherry blossoms with a side of roast pig! (insert big smile).

We took the Mugoonghwa (the cheapest of all the Korail trains), definitely evokes an old school way of travel, would recommend it if you have the time (6hour train ride from Seoul).

A stream lined with cherry blossoms and wooden bridges, makes me think of a Korean version of Amelie.
Rows and rows of market streets with food and shopping.

This was simply labeled "국수" direct translation, noodle. So without further questioning we got this, a simple combination of thin noodles, dashi broth, fried tofu and dried seaweed.

How could anyone resist this?

Slow roasted pig with crispy skin and awesomely fermented kimchi!!!

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