London Tea, West Village style brunch (Photoblog time~)

I was scheduled to meet Dan near the Crown Hotel, but like most Korean address' I was unsure where "London Tea" was exactly located... until I looked up and voila, next to all the car repair shops there it was atop a small mound, quite easy to spot.

Inside is an eclectic mix match of old world antique charm, handmade ceramic mugs, and a side of West Village Sunday brunch, simple & delicious.

The owner and the chef work hand in hand to prepare not just a perfectly crafted meal, but also create an intimate atmosphere to enjoy a cup of afternoon tea. First we were welcomed with a delightful plate of the chef's rendition of the french toast: Cream cheese filling with fresh cranberries oozing out between two hefty pieces of brioche toast and of course what would french toast be without BACON :) Yes, please!

Next up, caramelized apples wedged in a cheddar omelet, with a dash of mix green salad.
Oh~ and look banana slices peeping through the golden crust of the pancake~
This was my favorite, granted this isn't a new invention, but when it's good, you just shut up and enjoy.

And as a parting gift, chocolate fudge cake, need I say more?

Everything is made fresh and on the spot, the desserts are all specially prepared by the chef herself.

London Tea
1F, 34-158 Itaewon, Yongsan, Seoul.
[02] 795-0754

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