Military Base Access! Thank you Dragon Hill Lodge

The Dragon Hill Lodge
The Outside Garden
Got Meat?
About a week ago, I was invited by Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Fagan from the Dragon Hill Lodge to tour the facilities and to talk about food. I was ecstatic to get this invitation, because, even though I can see the walls from where I live, I have had very few chances to go on base. I even considered joining the military to get some of the foods such as smoked brisket and real mexican food I heard so much about.

There are mythical stories about the base. Some of my Korean friends talk about it with eyes wide in revelry- as if they were talking about better days. Let me summarize what they have said, "Beyond the walls there is so much space- and green. The trees are tall and there are acres of green grass-even the air is fresher beyond the walls. And the food- there are limes and bushels of basil and fistfuls of meat. And there is parking! Lots of parking and the driving is calm and tranquil. You don't feel like you are in Korea when you are beyond those walls." Does it live up the hype? Yes.

There was food here that I would have to travel 18 hours on a plane to get- and I would, because sometimes you just need a slow smoked brisket or pulled pork that has been cooked for 24 hours. And did I mention the Microbrew? They've got crisp amber on that has bones to it- not the watered down sweet swill you often find here.

Thank you Mr. Fagan and Mr. Mitchell for inviting me.

Dragon Hill Donuts

Lots of USDA Grade Meat
Dragon Hill Amber Beer
Oasis Restaurant for MexiKorean and the Greatest Buffet Ever!
Taco Bell? Whatever, this stuff is better.
A Close-up of the Microbrewed Amber
Smoked Brisket and Pulled Pork. Authentic Southern Taste in Seoul.
A meal fit for a king.
Cornbread Hash. Ask for extras because it is awesome.
Deep Fried Cheesecake
Mexican Dessert served with fresh strawberries and ice cream
Thank you Mr. Fagan and Mr. Mitchell for inviting me to the base.

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