Chef's Recommendations: Chuncheon Italian Restaurant

My friend, Chef Tim likes to send me restaurant tips every once in a while. All of his places have been gems so far, so I wanted to pass the recommendation to you. Now I just need to get a name and directions from Tim. Once I get them, I'll post them up.


Here's Tim:

A few shots of our meal from last Tuesday. The restaurant is located in the hills above the city, with an amazing unlimited view. The food is pretty amazing too, with a 6 course lunch for W35000 to W38000. The set menu included an appetizer/amuse (scallop that was perfectly translucent in the center), soup, salad, seafood pasta, sorbet and the main. I had a lamb tenderloin, which was amazing. Patricia had some truly massive shrimp with lobster risotto, and my mom had a rib eye steak. The quality of all the courses was great, and they offered a choice of coffee, juice or ice cream after all of that...

We got to get you up there!



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