Fair Tteok by Yann Kerloc'h

Fair Tteok from Yann Kerloc'h on Vimeo.

Last year I did the marketing for the Rice Cake Fair and Competition and one of the things that I really worked to do was to get media and press on the event. We had local press and the normal foreign press but more importantly I invited international bloggers and chefs to the event to make this truly global. One of the people I invited was Yann Kerloc'h and he made a video on the fair. He did an excellent job and I applaud his hard work. If any of you participated in the event last year, you might catch yourself in this video.

Thanks Yann!


Here's what Yann had to say:

A group of foreigners living in Korea were invited at a competition of rice cake making during a fair in Seoul.
Some were good cooks, some were not.
And one thought it was easy...

I enjoyed filming this mix of sports competition, art and gestures. I filmed with two friends at two cameras. I made the editing knowing that a main "character" had stand out among the others.
As in my previous documentary "Still Alive", there is no commentary nor music, i just let the facts speak for themselves and try to be thruthful to them.

See more of Yann's Videos here http://www.vimeo.com/apostrophe

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