Midnight Contemplations: Chasing a Dream

These days, I feel like I'm chasing a dream and it just always seems out of reach. I've been morbidly contemplative and I've been writing down my thoughts on random scraps of paper that I find. I feel like a teenager again that's in a pubescent whirlwind of change.

Life has been interesting for the last 2 years. I went from a very cushy job and a hefty savings account to chasing my passions and my dreams. Sad isn't it? I'm chasing something that is intangible and distant. And once the dream becomes real, what happens next? The dream has you and you're trapped.

I am reminded of Hector Belioz who chased his unrequited love with such passion that eventually she requited-only to find that she wasn't as exciting in person as she was on the Shakespearean stage.

Sometimes I think the chase is more exciting.

The chase is what gets me up in the morning. The chase is what makes me think out solutions to problems and to solve problems I foresee before they occur.

Life takes a different sheen when you are in pursuit.

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