My Ode to Cheese

Cheese Glorious Cheese
Chaource and Epoisses: I "heart" you.

Oh Cheese, oh light, oh creamy metamorphosis of mother's milk
You complete me in a way that Renee Zellweger never could. If only she was made completely of cheese.
Oh Cheese, oh light, oh suspension of cream in a caress-able form
How I would like to dress you in silky garments, and buy you magnum after magnum of luscious wine so later I could take advantage of you.
Oh Cheese, oh light, oh how to prepare you for a long night of enjoyment
I set you out so you so the chill leaves your body, light candles and adorn the table with riches from all around the globe: kalamata olives, beluga cavier, foie gras and the ripest suntouched tomatoes- but you are the centerpiece of my heart.
Oh Cheese, oh light, I taste you with reverance
A tiny nibble to sate my passions and then slow sips of wine to blossom my appreciation
Oh Cheese, oh light, I thank thee
You give me a reason to get up in the morning. Through you, I can see the beauty of life.

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