O'ngo Cooking Studio Korean Food Test Kitchen this Friday, May 21st

Korean Cuisine seems to be a mystery to many people.

This is why I've been working hard to create a cooking institute for expats and tourists to come to Korea. These days we have been offering basic cooking classes, but the main reason I wanted to open a cooking studio was to research how people perceive Korean food and how we could adapt it to different palates.

It's not about the money, because we make very little money off the cooking classes. When you factor in the tour, the ingredients (food in Korea is quite expensive these days), rent, and salaries for staff- there is little left over.

The concept of the cooking studio is research.

We all grew up in different countries and the tastes and textures we are familiar with are quite alien to what Koreans find delicious.

Let's look at kimchi. It's fermented. It's fiberous. Its sour, garlicky, spicy, and salty taste isn't the acidic, "palate cleansing taste" that many think is similar to ginger or lemon sorbet- however; that's how many Koreans perceive the dish. It you step back and look at the flavors objectively, there are reasons why many Koreans think of it that way.

I think living in Korea for so long, I have forgotten the initial shock of this dish and how I first thought of it.

And it's not just kimchi. There are many other dishes and flavors that perplex many visitors to Korea and keep them from trying the food.

I would like to take away some of that mystery and on next Friday, May 21st. I know that many people will have this day off because it is a holiday. So, I would like to invite you to the O'ngo Cooking Studio near Gangnam Gu-Office (Subway Line 7) to learn about some of the basics of Korean cuisine such as sauces and then we can learn to make dishes that match our tastes. This will be a test kitchen with an array of different ingredients that are seasonal and fresh. Chef Shawn and I will teach you some of the basics of Korean cuisine and then you'll be given a chance to invent your own dishes.

We would like to start the class at 11am on Friday, May 21st. The class will start with a basic lesson on Korean food culture and cooking. Then you'll be given an array of different ingredients to experiment and make your own dishes.

The cost for this test experience will only be 40,000 won. If you are interested please send me an e-mail at seouleats@gmail.com or call at 010-6661-7769.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you,


Daniel Gray

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