iWant and the iRony of the new Apple iPhone

Yes, readers, I am an Appleholic. I have 2 iPods, 1 iPod touch, an
iMac, and a MacBook Pro. In the past i have owned an iBook and the
older version of the MacBook Pro. Oh, and I have owned many shares of
Apple stock since 2005 which have helped me purchase more Apple
products. The one thing I don't have is the iPhone.

Yesterday, I was in an Apple store and I was peering into the display
because I was just about to purchase the iPhone 3GS. Why did I stop? I
mean I had the money and my current cellphone has been driving mr
crazy for sometime( do not buy LG cyon's viewty phone!). Yesterday, I
forgot my Korean foreigner ID card. I was just about to sign a two
year contract for the phone when the salesperson asked me for it. I
told him I didn't have it.

Now, the salesperson: Yoon, was being a bit pushy and he said he
didn't need it and started to tap things into his computer and make a
few calls.

It was taking a while and I had an appointment, so I told Yoon I would
come back with the card.

He wouldn't let me leave the store! That's a no, no in my book, so I
promptly grabbed my things and left vowing not to return.

Today, I found out why. Steve Jobs just announced the new iPhone 4.
Yoon was trying to get one more sale before that happened.

The new iPhone 4 is so pretty. I can't wait until it comes to Korea. I
will be first in line to get it. Maybe I'll let Yoon sell it to me.

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