Does your egg have wifi?

I know I should be blogging more, but I have been damn busy. Yesterday I gave a lecture on Korean food at Suraon for a group from the US military. Today I have been at the O'ngo Food Communications Cooking School cleaning up. The place is going to look great and we have 6 ovens!!!

Tomorrow I will be on Rock the Boat promoting Suji's Deli Sandwiches. I hope you can make it out. There will be many bands including "We need Surgery". Even if it rains, the show will go on. (the yacht has lots of inside space.

Today I had kongguksu for lunch at 여유당 near Nagwon Music Arcade. It was alright, but I have yet to find one the makes it as well as my favorite place near Hapjeong station.

So I am writing this post from a moving cab because it has complimenary wireless.

It's another reason to love Korea.



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