Kwangjang Market Tour with Cute Filipino Babies!

Last week the Agency for Traditional Market Administration sponsored a market tour and a Crescent Moon Rice Cake Cooking Class with O'ngo Food Communications for Filipino Mothers and children currently married to Korean spouses in Korea. I mentioned it before on this post on the cooking class, 
but I didn't post the pictures of the market tour.
For the tour, all the kids were dressed in hanboks (Korean traditional clothes)- even the babies. They looked very cute and colorful as they walked through the market.

If you haven't been to Kwangjang Market yet, I highly recommend it. The shopkeepers are all very friendly, the food is delicious, the prices are cheap, and there is just a wonderful energy about the place. It's the place to see the real Korea.

Here I explain Rich Soybean Paste and Red Pepper Paste (Gochujang)
I think she's posing^^
Everyone loves the Bindaetteok
Here is the motherload of Banchan (Side Dishes)

See.. Squid is not that bad^^

On the end is Garlic Stems in Gochujang
Small Crispy Crab Side Dish! Eat it Whole!
The boy's face is priceless
The shopkeepers all gave out a ton of food.
I don't think the baby likes it.
Did you know that there are over 200 different types of Kimchi in North and South Korea?
I think she likes Kimchi^^
Got Rice Cake?

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