My Two Homes Military Army Rations via the NYT

I guess when you are in a combat zone, you really look for home that will remind you of home. The New York Times took apart 14 different MRE's (Meal's ready to Eat Meals). (See the full article here).  Here are MRE's  from my two home countries: America and Korea. So if I was in the military which one would I choose to eat?

The Korean one has Sauteed Kimchi, Ham Fried Rice, Flavored Sausage, white beans and sauce, almond cake and chocolate candy.

The American one has Pork Ribs, Barbecue sauce, tortillas, potato cheddar soup, blackberry jam, peanut butter, skittles, nut raisin mix, chewing gum, sugar, instant coffee, creamer, lemon lime beverage powder, salt, moist towelette, toilet paper and matches.

Hmmm...assuming that I was in a war zone. I would have to go with the USA MRE just because of the shear number of stuff that I could barter or MacGyver into something else if I was in a fix. I think Skittles would go for a goat or something on the black market and there is always something that can be down with toilet paper.  The Korean one seems healthier, but if I'm at war, I'd rather eat.

Cheers and check out the fascinating article.

Korean MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

USA MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

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