Wanna Get Paid to Talk about Food?

A friend of mine, Young from Celebrity Chef's Labs asked me if I could round up some foodies and food specialist to help him with research on how people from the USA think about rice and rice related products. The market research will help Sookmyeong University and CJ foods on their marketing strategies for the American market.

To qualify for this survey, you must be an American citizen (students, tourists are ok). I'm sorry, but no gyopos (because they are looking for people that don't have rice as a staple in their diet).

Group 1: Foodies: People who are food lovers, restaurant goers, gourmands, wine lovers, etc. Basically, you care about what you eat and love talking about food. They are looking for 8 people. You will be paid 100,000 won and they will provide drinks and snacks. The research time will be from 7-9pm on Tuesday, September 7th.

Group 2: Food Specialists and Professionals: People who have experience in the food industry. It can be a restaurant manager, chef, food writer, researcher, food stylist, etc.
They are looking for 8 people. You will be paid 200,000 and they will provide drinks and snacks. The research time will be from 6:30-9pm Friday, September 10th.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Mr. Young Song. His e-mail is
youngy.song@gmail.com or you can call him at 010 2220 3222.

Korean Food Institute in Sookmyoung women's University

Please go out Exit 10 of Sookmyung Women’s University Subway Station line No. 4. Walk through the tunnel under the railway line, cross the main road, and walk up the hill towards the university.

Keep going up the hill until you come to a set of traffic lights. There is a bakery on the corner, BBang Goom, and a café, Can More, across the street. Turn right into the lane, That is Saem-gil, you can see the Shinhan Bank on your right hand side, then walk uphill until you reach the Korean Food Institute sign board and  a gate on your right. Once you walk into the pavement, you can see a independent building with the sign of “Korean Food Institute”.  Reception desk is on the second floor.

Note: If you cannot find the building, phone on 010 2220 3222 for directions. Also you can find on this website for directions http://e.sookmyung.ac.kr/

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