Letters to Seoul Eats: Help! I need my Food Fix

Got Currywurst? Picture from: http://www.konnopke-imbiss.de/
Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

I like getting letters from people and I try to answer them as soon as possible. Often I can help, but other times...well...I ask you for help. I just got this letter from a reader, Tiffany, and she is looking for Italian Style Cannolis and Currywurst. She had asked about plaintains a long time ago, but I failed... (Does anyone know where you can get plaintains?).

I assume that La Bocca has cannoli's, but currywurst is much harder- I have no idea.


Here's the letter:
Hi Dan,

I wrote once about plantains in seoul, and unfortunately I noticed that no Seouleats reader was able to respond to. This time I'm hoping I'll have better luck with this question.
Well, actually... it's two. I've recently come back from a tour of Europe and fell in LOVE with the food. There are two things that I've been craving for and I wonder... does Seoul have them? What better person to ask than you? So, first, do you know of any bakery or eatery that sells good ol' fashioned Italian style cannolis? I had two, one in Venice and one in Milan, and I haven't been able to get over their creamy goodness. Second, in Germany I had currywurst for the first time and it was so delish that I've been craving for it again. I thought it might be around, seeing as it's a pretty good drunk food. Anyways, Dan I hope that this time around your Seouleats readers can help me out, because I really need my fix.



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