Sempio Clear Soy Sauce, Soy Sauce Reduction Sauce, and Powdered Soy Sauce!!!

3 New Types of Soy Sauce: Clear, Essence, and Powder
One of the most exciting events to come out of Seoul Gourmet 2010 was Sempio unveiling their 3 new soy sauces. None of these sauces are on the market yet but they are: a thickened soy sauce called "essence", an invisible soy sauce called "clear" and a dried soy sauce called "powder." I had a chance to try these new soy sauces and I must say that I am exciting to try these in my own recipes. The thickened "essence" had a herbaceousness that someone said tasted a bit like "vegemite." Now I don't know about that, but the thickness of the sauce could be a great way to make a richly flavored, thick sauce without having to use a roux or starch. The powdered soy sauce tastes like soy sauce and the sensation is quite surprising. I feel that it would be an excellent topping for anything- a salt and pepper alternative.

Finally, the invisible, clear soy sauce.

It tastes like soy sauce, but it's clear. The possibilities for this is endless. I could see it at ultra high end sushi restaurants and in high end restaurants because it's a reality shifting ingredient. It is surprising. The mention of the concept evokes curiosity and the taste evokes wonder for it breaks the norm of black soy sauces.

Sadly, none of these are on the market yet. I feel that they need to be, so I suggest you contact the PR team at Sempio Foods and suggest that they get these to you as soon as possible.

Sempio's presentation on how soy sauce is made and showing off the "Clear" Soy Sauce

The basic elements of soy sauce deconstructed

Sempio's Chef explaining Tengjang

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