This is a test for Blogpress on iPhone

Hi Friends,

I just got a new iPhone 4 and I am checking out the Blogpress application to see if it would be a good way to blog on the go.

Zen Hideaway in Myeongdong taken with the iPhone4

So far, it seems intuitive enough. Pictures post well from the library. I was able to link up Facebook and Twitter. I am having some problems with linking up YouTube at the moment- apparently you can vblog via this application.

Zen Hideaway in Myeongdong taken with the iPhone4

Inserting photos from the library seems a bit like a crapshoot because there is no sound or tactile feel that it has been selected or not. HTML functions seem ok.
here is a demo of blockquote

It also gives you a range of fonts to add.The one problem is that blogpress seems to interfere with my Linkwithin Links (below)
The read more function seems to work as well.

Now for the true test- let's see how it looks on my blog.



- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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