Annoyed by Bad English on Korean Menus? Make Change and become a Korean food translator

Were you ever annoyed by bad English on Korean menus? You can change things by becoming a translator. My company, O'ngo Food Communications is heading the project by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to change that. You should be native or have a very strong grasp of Korean to apply and have excellent English writing skills. Oh, and you should know a lot about Korean food.
Korean Food Dictionary

Job: Korean to English Translator
Career Level: Entry Level
Job Status: Part-time
Degree Level: Currently attending University or a graduate
Pay: Depending on experience
Location: Seoul
Starting Date: ASAP
Company: O'ngo Food Communications
Job Description: Translate Korean food names and descriptions into English
Contact: Ranie Lee
            O'ngo Food Communications is looking for Korean to English Translators to work on a Korean menu development project. The translated items will go into a dictionary of Korean food. The goal of this project is translate different regional cuisines from around Seoul into English to help promote Korean food overseas.
            The qualified persons should have an excellent grasp of written English and Korean. The persons should also have a general understanding of Korean food. The persons should also be self-motivated, have attention to detail, and be able to meet deadlines.
Click more to see a sample translation:

마른물메기찜 말린 물메기를 물에 불려 양념장(간장, 고춧가루, 다진 마늘, 통깨, 참기름)이나 쌈장에 재웠다가 것이다. 메기에 양념장을 발라 다시 찌기도 하며, 양념장에 된장을 넣기도 한다.경남
Mareun-Moolmehgi- Jjim, Steamed Dried Catfish: The dried catfish is first left in water to re-hydrate. It is then marinated with either soy sauce, red pepper flakes, minced garlic and green onion, toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil or left in ssam jjang (a paste generally used for wraps using duenjang, bean curd paste) and after steamed.  It is common to steam the fish twice after a second layer of the marinade.  Duenjang can also be added to the soy sauce based marinade.  Gyeongnam Province (Southeast of S. Korea)
마른새우볶음 달군 팬에 살짝 볶은 새우를 끓인 양념(간장, 설탕, 참기 ,식용유)에넣어볶은후통깨를뿌린
Mareun-Saewoo-Bokeum, Fried Dried Shrimp: A ban-chan, side dish slightly fried over a heated pan with oil then seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and sesame seed oil then topped with toasted sesame seeds for garnish.
마른생선찜 소금으로 간한 생선(붉은 메기, 참서대, 양태 ) 꾸덕꾸덕하게 말려찐것이다.붉은메기는살이희고 맛이 좋으며, 비타민 E 단백질 함량이 높다. 회나 찌개로도 이용한다. 경남

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