WTF! Getting Patbingsu, Waffles, and Chicken at Fish and Grill!!!???

Pet Peeve: going to a restaurant thinking you're going to get one thing, but it can't be found on the menu. This is exactly the case at Fish N' Grill. You would think from the name that it would be something like Surf N' Turf or they might have grilled fish or grilled meat and sushi. I would think it would have SOMETHING Grilled and SOMETHING FISH! Well this is what our appetizer was:
WTF: Patbingsu at Fish And Grill
Chicken Wing Tteokbokki topped with Cheese
WTF: Waffles topped with Strawberry Syrup
I would normally say, restaurant owners: WTF, but in Korea it seems to work. It seems to work very well. Bloated menus with thousands of items and little novelty things like PATBINGU and WAFFLES WITH STRAWBERRY SYRUP seems to work. Especially in a college town (This Fish and Grill was in Gyeongju's Seonggun-dong), but all I have to say is WTF.

Next time, I will insist on picking the restaurant, because here it was quite bleh. We didn't go for the food but for the company, but shouldn't they go together?

Anyone else had experiences like this? Warn us where not to go in the comments section^^


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