Jang-oh!: Korean Eel for Lunch

Jang-oh: Korean Eel
The Korean twist on food is to add lots of little sauces and flavors and wrappings for the delicious grilled meats. I think that's what makes Korean food so comforting. I remember having eel at a Japanese restaurant back in the day and loving it, but each piece had to be savored slowly for after one bite, it was all gone. In Korean you can order a whole eel and they'll nail it to a board, fillet, dress, and broil it to perfection.

Freshly grilled eel has a flavor that incomparable- the texture is skin is crispy, yet the flesh is gelatinous. Plus, you can have your eel done with soy, red chili paste, or plain with salt.

To make an eel wrap, you get a leaf and top it with some slivers of raw ginger. Then put your piece of eel on that, dip it in the sauce and enjoy.

I just found a very good one over at Nagwon-dong. It's called Gohyang.

서울시 종로구 낙원동 94
Directions: Go out Jongno 3-ga exit 5 and make a right and go down the alley between SC Bank and the guitar shop with a yellow guitar on the sign. It's the first eel place to the right.

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