Sundubu for Breakfast

Let's try something new. With the advent of modern technology, I should be able to blog faster from location. Today I am at dukbaegi center behind the Pagoda building in Jongno 3Ga. It is my morning breakfast place because the food is good and fast.

The ajummas have attitude and they will tear you apart if you give them flack.

Today I am having the Sundubu, but normally I get the doenjang stew. They have 우렁된장 which has snails. I haven't had that yet.

My favorite thing to do is to take the egg out of the soup and mix it with my rice to make bibimbap.

I recommend you check it out. They are open early and there is nothing wrong with soup for breakfast.


Gwansu-dong 160-4 Seoul 110-420 South Korea

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