Dillinger's Hamburgers are off the hook!

Hi, my name is Dan and I am a burger snob.

But I think that is totally expected right? These days I have been checking out burger places in hopes that I will find that magical burger. Jacoby's is now...meh. I went to Green Chili Burger...too spicy and topped with mozzarella cheese. Bistro Corner took a turn for the worst.

Now Dillinger's had this half priced burger special on Tuesday night and I decided I had nothing to lose. I went with a friend and she had the bacon cheeseburger (7,000 won). I had the regular burger (5,000) and was pleasantly surprised. It was big, juicy and beefy. The bun was soft and had body. The burger wasn't dressed with sauces and veggies- they were put on the side. It was a sumptuous burger that had bite and was seasoned just right. I recommend you go check it out any day of the week.


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