Chans Bros Coffee

Chans Bros Coffee

I am outside at Chans Bros Coffee on a very nice Sunday Evening having a cappuccino and doing some writing. The cafe is pretty happening with quite a number of people enjoying drinks. When I went in, the very nice but very busy Barista told me I would have to wait a bit. I did- not a big deal and later he came out and took my order. I got the cappuccino with an extra shot and for 4,000 won, not a bad price. I noticed on his coffee grinder he had covered the clear plastic part with a cloth. This impressed me because he was trying to stop the sun from damaging the flavor of the beans.

When I got my coffee, I noticed the latte heart he made, but more importantly the fine micro bubbles in the cappuccino foam. The coffee was creamy and rich. The espresso was one with the frothy, creamy milk.

Highly recommended.


Chans Bros Coffee
Directions: Go out Noksapyeong Station exit 2 walk down and cross over to the other side.

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