Chocolate Gets Me High Part 2: Reminis

This was originally published in the March Issue of Seoul Magazine. It is reprinted with permission.
Reminis Cake in Seoul, Korea
From Wedding Cakes to Chocolate Cakes:

Reminis Wedding cake maker and spun sugar artist Yun-sun Goo and her team decided they wanted to share their craft with the public so they converted their baking studio into a cafe. In the back room they offer baking classes and continue to make cakes, but the front of the house is now a cafe where can get a chocolate slice to quell your sweet tooth. The chocolate creations are exceptional here. The giant wedge of chocolate cake has rich granache over a foundation of chocolate sponge cake with crisp cookie shattering on the bottom. Now if you have the time (about 20 minutes), I recommend their chocolate souffle. Right out of the oven, the melted chocolate is in a flux of solid and liquid and it sits on a crisp tart crust of…chocolate. It is truly heaven on earth. 

Reminis Cake in Seoul, Korea
Reminis Cake
Jongno-gu, Gyedong 120-1
Directions: Go out Anguk Station (subway line 3) exit 3 and go left. Make a left at the corner of Anguk Dentist and go two blocks. It is on the left.

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