Kyochon Chicken: Fiery Hot, Not a lot of Bite

Kyochon Chicken
Kyochon Chicken holds a special place in my heart for it was one of the first chicken places that I went to while in Korea. The chicken is crisp and the sauce was flavorful. Also, it was reasonably priced, so I was quite happy to enjoy some chicken with friends over a bucket of beer. 

Now the last time I went, I noticed that my favorite "local" chicken house has all "growns up" (sorry...a bad allusion to the movie Swingers). The interior has gotten more posh, they offer Heineken, and the wait times have gotten longer and prices have gone up. Oh, and the chicken? Meh.

The chicken still tastes good, but the wings and legs we got were like all bone and they were tiny. And for 17,000 won to get 18 tiny wings and legs is just unacceptable. And we had to wait 30 minutes to get them! Also, the hot sauce on the spicy ones were just so hot they you couldn't enjoy the flavor. I was thinking I might have played it up too much in my mind- maybe, it really wasn't that good in the past. 

Kyochon, please return to the chicken place of my memories and I'll tell tales of how delicious your chicken is.

Kyochon's baby, fiery chicken leg. It's sooo cute :(

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