Borsch at Siberia 2 for Din Din

Borsch at Siberia 2 in Gyeonidan
These days, I have been meeting quite a few Russian people. Last week, I took a Russian family to the fish market for a tour and yesterday we had a group of Russians that took cooking classes. I was surprised to learn that kimchi is very popular in Russia. Korea's quintessential condiment can be found at most supermarkets. The most popular kind, however, is not cabbage: it's carrot.

I guess I had Russia on my mind because last night I went over to Siberia 2 restaurant for a big bowl of Borsch and a pirozhki. I love borsch not just because of the taste, but because of the color. I love to mix in the sour cream into the deep red broth to make a neon-pink hue of deliciousness.

The big bowl of borsch at Siberia 2 is pretty good- well the broth is- I don't know what the mystery bits of meat were near the bottom, but I left them behind. The borsch is full of sour cabbage, green onions, and ground beet. It was excellent with the cabbage and carrot stuffed bread. For a hearty meal that was only 7,700 won, it was quite good.

Siberia 2
In Gyeonidan across from Well-Being Mart .
Borsch and Bread stuffed with Cabbage and Carrot

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