Gourmet Cheese, Meats, Bread and Museli at High Street Market

Sandwich made from High Street's Meat and Cheese on rustic bread
High Street Market Interior
Sometimes you just wanna relax in your own home and make an occasional sandwich when hunger strikes. But something as simple as a sandwich in Korea can be difficult. Often you have to get the bread at one place and then get the meat at another and the condiments at another. And if you are looking to make a gourmet sandwich, that could be even more difficult. Luckily, High Street Market in Itaewon has it all (and more) under one roof.

High Street Market specializes in meats, breads, and cheese. It's a place where you can get your gourmet products without getting ripped off. I mean you could get some of these products at the Korean department store, but I am sure that you'll spend at least 1/3 to half more for the same thing. Take cheddar cheese. I love cheddar cheese (and I don't mean that yellow monstrosity that you get at Costco). I love aged, mature cheddar that is sharp and pungent. Of course that means that you'll have to pay a premium to get that in Korea. Many Koreans prefer yellow sandwich slices wrapped in plastic or mozzerella pizza cheese. I am a big fan of the Lye Cross Farm's extra mature cheddar and I bought some at the e-mart about 2 weeks ago for 12,900 won. I was shocked to find that High Street had the same cheese for only 9,900 won! And I could get real crackers and dijon mustard as well.

Sure there is also the Foreign Mart, but they specialize in Indian and Southeast Asian food and ingredients. Also, it's a mad house during the weekends and I get a little upset with them charging me extra if I try to pay by credit card.

The other great thing about High Street Market is that they have western cuts of meat so you can make a sirloin steak, a pot roast, or even a whole roast turkey!

It's located about 10 minutes from Itaewon Station Exit 2. It is across from the Cheil Building on the second floor There is parking across the street.

High Street Market
Yongsan-gu, Hannam-dong 737-24 2nd Floor


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