Star Rating System for Restaurants on Seoul Eats

A long time ago when I used to write for Eloquence Magazine I used to do a star rating system for restaurants.  I got away from the system because the star rankings were too controversial. I mean can a small mom and pop shop compete against a modern restaurant with a star chef manning the kitchen?

Yes, they can. There are great Korean restaurants that stick with tradition and even though their atmosphere might not be all frilly and fancy, the food more than makes up for it. Likewise, there are many beautiful restaurants in Korea that serves subpar food.

The focus for the star rating system will be on the food. Service in Korea is not like service in other countries and this is a cultural difference so it should be a lower priority. If the service is blatantly rude, I will mention it. Cleanliness is also an important factor in the rating system as well- I don't want to recommend a place that might get someone sick. Atmosphere will be described and it will have a medium level of influence in the ratings- cleanliness is very important of course. Price is not a huge factor. I will list the prices. Some Korea places will have an expensive dishes because they are supposed to accompany alcohol.

Of course, when you look at the ratings, please see the date as well. Restaurants change all the time and I can't go back and visit every single one. The are also my personal opinion. If you have a different experience at the restaurant you should leave a note in the comments section.

The ratings will be a 4 star rating system.

0 stars: Not recommended. Serious problems with the dining experience
1 star: There are some flaws, but not a horrible dining experience
2 stars: Average: Good food, decent atmosphere
3 stars: Recommended: I would go back and recommend it to others.
4 stars: Highly Recommended: A top level restaurant that has the full package. I would recommend this to serious foodies and gourmands

The ratings are my personal opinion. Ratings can be changed or updated.

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