Happy Pizza Fish Bread

Happy Fish Bread

Is this going to be the new food trend in Seoul? In my years in Seoul, I have seen food trends rise and disappear like a cresting wave. One place becomes popular and then instantly there are dozens of imitators and even more franchisees. I think we are going to witness another trend that will become popular for a couple of months and start seeing them all fizzle out by years end.

This particular food is a flakey, hot pocket like bread that is stuffed with a variety of different things. You can get your cute fish stuffed with pizza filling, red bean, sweet potato, bulgogi or even tuna.

The pastry is very nice- very buttery and flakey. I had the pizza fish bread and it was stuffed with sweet tomato sauce, corn (WTF), onions, and a bit of mystery meat- it didn't taste like the pizza I think of when I think of pizza. This is Korean pizza in a cute wrapper.

It's not a bad snack, but I would rather just get the street bangeo-bang: crisp fish bread snack filled with a bit of red bean. It's not overly sweet and the simplicity makes it a perfect snack. Oh, and at Happy Soppungi, you're looking at 2,000 won for 1 when on the street, it costs 1,000 won for 3.

Who wants to take bets that this will die out by January 2012?


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