Women and Wine Meetup at Macaroni Market

Catherine at from Women and Wine
Two things I really like: Women and Wine resumed their meetups after a long hiatus. Led by the ebullient, Catherine, the meeting on Wednesday night was attended by about 20 people. Everyone brought bottles of wine to share- some brought 2 or 3 (thank you Cidi). The food was excellent as we ordered almost everything off the Macaroni Market menu. 

I ordered the Petite Charcuterie and the Gambas with Chorizo which paired well with the wine. Throughout the meal we had frites and baguettes. Macaroni Market has a French concept at the moment and it has a pretty impressive menu. You can get the classics like Salade Nicoise, Quiche Lorraine, Escargot, and they also have an impressive grilled menu with Lamb, steak and Chateaubriand.

From what I was able to taste, I appreciate the use of high quality ingredients. It's not 100% French, but they do follow the French approach to food and ingredients. I highly recommend the desserts at Macaroni Market. The Creme Brulee was exquisite.

Its on the 2F of the Hannam Building. 02 749-9181
Chauterie Plate

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