Amazing French-Style Pork Belly at Le 75

Chef Matthieu of Le 75
One of the newest editions to Hongdae is Le 75 which opened last month by Chef Matthieu. It a French Restaurant serving up coursed meals with a nice wine selection. All the food is made in house by this French-trained, Matthieu. The chef was raised in France and he has worked at Michelin starred restaurants and most recently worked at Novatel Grand Ambassador hotel in Gangnam.

I will be writing more about this restaurant later, but I wanted to first tell you about a dish that I have been dreaming about: Matthieu's Pork Belly. It is a herb-brined pork belly that is seared so the fat is crisp. It is then pressed by with 75 pound weights for a couple days so the fat and meat has a velvety, silky texture that makes my jowls water.

I'll definitely be back soon for this.

Le 75

I am working on getting contact info.

Go out Hongdae Station Exit 5 and walk straight. It is across the street on the top floor of the building that says Dune 75.
Le 75's Pork Belly
A Giant Slab of Pork Belly

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