Oktoberfest 2011 at Grand Hilton Seoul

Ashley Cheeseman, one of my fellow members of LTB Korea sent me this message to remind me message about the awesome Oktoberfest that he hosts every year at the Grand Hilton. Right now you can get in on an Early Bird Special for only 100,000 won (normally 130,000 won). 

Now in keeping with true Oktoberfest tradition, it will be held in September to harken in October (that's why it's called Oktoberfest :).

Do me a favor and tell Ashley, you found out from Seoul Eats, so he'll buy me a beer.

(photo from no name at Flickr)
Dear Oktoberfest Guest,

We hope you enjoyed last years event and are happy to announce that on Sep 23rd and 24th,  2011 the Grand Hilton Oktoberfest will again be opening it's beer festival doors.
This year for the first time we are offering to you our valued repeat customer our Oktoberfest Earlybird Special,

Period: July 18th ~ Aug 12th, 2011

Package Information:
  • Oktoberfest Entrance Ticket (Value 120,000)
  • Oktoberfest Gingerbread Heart (Value 10,000)

Special Earlybird rate of W100,000 (all incl)

Get your Oktoberfest Tickets early this year and receive our special Earlybird discount rate of 100,000 won all inclusive. During July 18th to Aug 12th our special package includes your ticket plus a beautifully decorated authentic Oktoberfest Gingerbread heart for your souvenir. This year's event includes the Original Paulaner Oktoberfest Band flown in directly by Lufthansa from Munich, a truly authentic German Food Buffet, 2 types of unlimited Paulaner draft Beer, Many Formula 1 Tickets in our lucky draw and other amazing prizes, this package offer is limited so get them quick.

* Tickets must be pre-paid before August 12th and will be non-refundable.

I will be organizing the 3 Alley Pub table this year to take the stress of Al, so please reserve back to me to this mail or in the bar (when I,m sober)

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