Photoblog: Chef Matthieau of Le 75

Chef Matthieu of Le 75
A restaurant that I got to preview about 2 weeks ago has had their soft opening and they are ramping up. The food is excellent and all made by Chef Matthieu. The chef asked me to try not to write too much about him because he says, "I'm shy." But also, he says he needs time to perfect everything. I can understand. So instead of doing my normal write-up, I'm just going to tease you with some shots of his food. I'll tell you that the place is in Hongdae.

King Crab Croquette in Poppy Foam at Le 75
Chef Mattieau at Le 75 
Smoked Salmon with Lemon Caviar with Pea Puree at Le 75
Lamb at Le 75
Chocolate Souffle at Le 75
Chocolate Souffle Le 75

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