Private Dinner Parties and Catering with Esclusivo

My Italian Brother, Seba (Chef Sebastiano Giagregorio formerly of Antonio Restaurant) has recently opened up a private dining and luxury catering business in Apgujeong called Esclusivo. It is a beautiful space with wonderful private dining rooms.

It's not a restaurant, but a place for private dinners with friends or a private party for VIP guests. For those that would like to do events in your own home, Chef Giagregorio can send everything to your house with waiters to make your dinner party a success.
Black and White Sesame Seed Salmon
When the space opened, I was lucky enough to have been invited to taste the food. 
meatball in pesto sauce

The concept for the party was fingerfood and I got to try a variety of magnificent foods served. One of my favorites was their meatball in pesto sauce and their black and white sesame encrusted salmon. There were also many Italian classics such as penne pasta, caprese salads, etc. 

Chef Seba's house cured hams, salami's, pepperoni's, and proscuittos are to die for. I mean they taste naturally made and he uses great herbs and seasonings to coax the flavors out of them.

Overall, a wonderful space and I wish Seba lots of success. 

Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong 628-78 Lamp Building (B1)



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