For Lunch, how about Uzbekistan Food

Sometimes I forget how transient of a city Seoul is. There are always people coming and going and new people are always looking to find places to eat. I got an email from a reader that said,

"PLEEASE STOP TORTURING ME WITH THESE DELICIOUS PICTURES! Can you put the addresses and contact info so I can find them!"

Why, yes, that is a good idea. I'll be putting places that I eat on google maps and embedding them below the post. I'll ask my writers to do the same.

Now on with the food. Samarikant is an Uzbek restaurant over by Dongdaemun that specializes in Uzbek Food. They have great Russian Beers and Vodka as well. The food is made fresh in house and a local baker brings their bread. I did a food tour for the fine ladies of SIWA  and this was our first stop on the tour. The food is rich and filling and the beers are authentically good. I love their soups and meat dishes like the meat-stuffed golstovy. Their beet salad is good as well to balance out the savory dishes and so is the carrot salad. On my last visit, I tried their yogurt biscuits- these were like scones and they went well with tea.

Great place for a great meal. Here are past reviews of this place that I did. 




3-stars (out of 4). Authentic, delicious ethnic food in Seoul
1-1 Gwanghuidong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
South Korea


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