Meals: Vegan Cutlet, Sliders, bread and cheese

Kongkas (Bean Cutlet with Shitake Mushroom Sauce)
Food, food, food. My life revolves around it and these days it's hard to keep up with all the meals that I have had for work and for my hobby. First up, we have bean cutlet from Balwoo Gongyang Kong. No, I'm not a vegan, but Dae Ahn Sunim is a good friend of mine and she always wants to show me her new creations. Here she is making a kongkas (bean-cutlet), temple cuisine style. The meat is delicious and almost indistinguishable from meat. Honestly, I think it's a bit better. The brown sauce on it has a slight tartness and it gets its savory notes from the shitake mushrooms. You get this with a side of side dishes and soup for only 10,000 won.

Balwoo Gongyang Kong 
** 2-stars
Across from Jogyesa Temple near Anguk Station in Insadong

Brest Bakery
Just because it is funny: Brest Bakery. They couldn't spell either word correctly.

Sliders at Murphy's Pub in Gyeonidan
The burgers are good and have good ground beef. I went for the sliders and these were good as well and I really liked that they toasted the buns. Sure, they look small, but they will fill you up. I think they could use better fries. Although, fresh cut fries sound nice, they don't crisp up when you put them in the fryer unless you first blanch them in oil, freeze them and then refry them. Anyway, not a bad meal for 10,000 won and they have tall mugs of Erdinger Beer for 8,000.

Murphy's Pub
* 1-star
Russian Brown Bread and Homemade Cheese
Ala-too bakery in Dongdaemun is one of my favorite places to go to grab some homemade baked goods. I love their brown bread and recently I noticed that they had homemade cheese. I had to buy a wedge (8,500 won). I am not sure what type it is but it tasted a bit like a light cheddar or like an emmental. The bread is hearty and lasts a while. I bought it on Sunday and I have been slicing off slices of it till Thursday and it is not moldy or anything. Other great things they have there are the Samsa (lamb and onion pastry) and the Napoleon: sweet layered cake.

Ala-too Bakery
** (2-stars)
Go out Dongdaemun Culture and History Museum Station Exit 5. Make a right and then a left.

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