Broken iPhone or How I remind myself to not be stupid

I was running last week and I fell after doing a Rocky Balboa reenactment going up some stairs.

The first thing that ran through my head was, "damn! Crap! Oh, no! Sh!+, Sh!+,Sh!+,Sh!+"then it was, "Is it broken? Will my warranty cover it? Can I lose it and get it replaced? Oh, how will I function without my precious,,,

Sigh... it's a shame but I should not have been so shallow. My first concern should have been my body. I should have been thinking, "Am I hurt? Is anything broken?"

As long as I am healthy I can buy more iPhones or just get it replaced. But before this I should have had the foresight to not to have gone running at night without my glasses (I am blind without them) and then I shouldn't have tried to be Rocky Balboa. I am not Rocky Balboa, not even close.

I am lucky I didn't break my ankle or worse because then I would be in real trouble- not just for myself but for my company, friends, and family.

Yeah, not very smart. I have no one to blame but myself.

I will keep the little break for a while to remind myself to have a little foresight and to remind myself of what is important in life.


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