Freshly Delivered Vegan Baked Goods from Alien's Bake Shop

Alien's Baked Goods!
I love presents (readers please send me some). Technically, this wasn't a present, but at the Vegan Bake Sale at Suji's Restaurant I donated 27,000 won towards the cause and I got a gift set in return from Mipa of Alien's Bake Shop. I did this "Omakasi" style, so I asked Mipa to surprise me and surprise me she did. I got a loaf of delicious pumpkin bread and out of this world banana bread. I also got a couple of macaroons, tropical fruit biscotti, and an orange walnut brownie- oh, my goodness, delicious.

I highly recommend you place an order with her. Perhaps you can surprise a vegan friend with a gift.

Alien's Baked Goods
Orange Walnut Brownie

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