Beautiful Tea Museum in Insadong

Beautiful Tea Museum, Seoul, Korea
Beautiful Tea Museum

The Beautiful Tea Museum

This renovated Korean house is very open and flowing. This multipurpose space has a lot happening in it, but it doesn't feel cramped. There is a tea shop in the front, in the back they have pottery or art displayed, and the center has many tables for enjoying tea. Their tea collection is for the novice or for the connoisseur. They have coffee and green tea lattes as well. The stand out teas here is their collection of pu-er teas (oxides black teas). Here you can get a 20 year-old tea for only 12 dollars, but if you want to spurge you can get the fifty year old tea for only 42 dollars. If you are hungry, they offer waffles, shaved ice desserts and rice cake. This is a great place to rela with friends catching up.

Jongno-gu 5 Insadong 9-gil 193-1

Korean Tea Set at Beautiful Tea Museum in Seoul, Korea
The Inner Garden at the Beautiful Tea House

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