Breakfast: Brown Rice and Fish

Brown Rice and Fish
I have been trying to be healthier and one thing that I'm trying to eat more is brown rice. The only problem with brown rice is that you usually have to soak it overnight or it will be overly al dente when you eat it. Since I am always quite busy, this is not possible so most of the times I will just go without breakfast. 

A trick that I learned from a guest on one of my tours is to soak the rice for about 20 minutes in hot water out of my water heater. This is enough time for me to check emails, go for a run, or to take a shower. After I do this. I cook up the rice and serve with any side dish.

These days our fish market tours have been quite busy so I have been getting some fish- whatever is the freshest and I have the market grill it for me. Afterwards, I will reheat it at home and I have a great breakfast that is fast and healthy.



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