Korean Dinner at Pyeopgaesul at D-Cube City

China Feng
D-Cube City is a gorgeous mall and I was lucky enough to have been given a private tour of all of the facilities by the president of the Daesang Group, Mr. Cha. The department store is a full department store that has many high-quality restaurants, food courts, a 5-star hotel, and a new apartment complex. There is even Pororo park which features the lovable Penguin that is a hit with kids.

There is something for everyone at D-Cube City.

You'll find shops like Uniqlo, Zara, Adidas, A-shop (the Apple Computer Store) and Guess. You'll also find restaurants like Mist, Chabuya, Vapiano, Paul Bassette Cafe, Setagaya,   and several food courts including China Feng- a Shanghai themed restaurant, Korea food street, and a World Food court.

The complex has a naturalist theme with fresh foliage and waterfalls all around the mall including several parks you can walk around.

We went to Byeonyangsu restaurant for dinner in a private room in a hanok where we enjoyed a Korean full course meal. We started with Korean side-dishes and kimchi and then had assorted jeon, japchae, grilled beef, skate with aged kimchi and pork, soy-marinated crab, soy-bean paste soup with dolsot rice or chilled buckwheat noodles and then we had fruit and tea for dessert.

It was a whole lot of food and all of it was delicious.

I highly recommend a trip to D-cube city.


D-cube city is located at Sindorim Station.
Mr. Cha with Jang Tae-Pyeong and Jia Choi

Sheraton Hotel
Natural foliage at D-cube City
Poporo Park
D-cube City
Korea Food Street
Foresta Book Cafe
Korean Banchan
Fermented Skate and Pork Belly

Marinated Beef
Assorted Jeon
Rice and Soup
Soy Marinated Crab with Rice
Chilled Buckwheat Noodles
The buckwheat noodles come with a side of bulgogi
Inside the Hanok

A shot of my favorite part of the meal, soy marinated crab stuffed with rice
A view of the Seoul Skyline from the Sheraton Hotel

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