New Zealand Food Connection 2011

New Zealand Food Connections
Mana Shochu
A lot has changed in Korea since I first got here (yes, I'm going to sound like an old geezer, but I only came here about 6 years ago.)  Hmmm...but let me let Grandpa Gray tell you about all of this.

Let me tell you all young-ins that back in the olden days, getting foreign foods products were just downright difficult. If ya wanted some cheese, you had to be friends with one of them G.I's from the military. Now for a man to be friends with a G.I. would be a tad difficult. It was like trying to eat noodles through a straw. 

Nowadays, you youngins can get almost anything. There be cheese and pastas and meats from all over the world. A long time ago, you had to git everything off the black markets and they could have been faked. I once bought a kangaroo steak on the black market and later found out it was really cat. Boy was I angered, but I couldn't do nothing about it.

Now just the other day I was over at the New Zealand Food Connections festival and I gots a taste of lots of delicious New Zealand foods. I didn't know that black currants were growns there. They be good. The black currant cobbler was dang magnificent.

I also tried some of the fine New Zealand Brew from Monteiths. The red ale and the black beer tasted like it was fresh outta the tap. The Mana Shochu was clean as well- strong as firewater. Now I wish that group would not call it Shochu cause it brings me bad memories of those Japs. Anywho, I don't wanna offend anyone so I best bide my tongue.

It was a good event and I hope some other countries will be doing these so I cans try some international foods.

Grandpa Gray 

New Zealand Monteith's Beer
New Zealand Food Connections 2011
Black Currant Smoothie
Black Currant Cobbler

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