Seoul Eats Meetup at Gimpo Farmer's Day Festival

Seoul Eat's Meet-up Group at Gimpo
The Seoul Eat's Meet-up to the Gimpo Farmer's Day Festival was a big success and we had over 35 people come out on both days. I would like to thank the city of Gimpo, Big Farm, and all of the participants for making it out with us. 

The day started at 10am and we took the bus to Gimpo city. The first thing we had was a full lunch with a variety of Gimpo's best produce. We had different jeon (pancakes), kimchi, rice with beans, japchae, soy marinated crab, pig skin and steamed skate. We had this with bowls of delicious Gimpo Makgeolli.

We were lucky enough to meet the Mayor of Gimpo and the head of the Agriculture Cooperative. We had a toast with them before heading off to see all the different exhibitions that they had. I'll be showing you what we did in another post with pictures.

Lunch with Delicious Gimpo Food
Me with the Mayor of Gimpo and Areumgumju of Big Farm
Giant Bundaeggi
Making Yeast for makgeolli

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