Live Blog: Bossa Nova Brazilian in Uljeongbu

I am having dinner with my friends in Uljeongbu at Bossa Nova. The place has a cool vibe and unlimited meat. This Brazilian BBQ is generous with their meat. I recommend their rump steak and their top sirloin. The meat is 25,000 a person.

Directions Uljeongbu exit 2:

Take exit 2, when outside look for 7-11 on the corner, (at about your 10-11 o'clock with your back to subway exit). Get to 7-11, then continue down the street for a couple of buildings, turn right into Seo-bu Tower (orange sign, between cell phone store and empty restaurant under construction. If you look up, you will see big sign that says Bossa Nova on the second floor. Take elevator and you are here!

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