Myeongtae Naejang Guk: Fish Guts Soup

Fish guts taste good. Especially when they are all boiled together in a spicy fish broth with bean sprouts and other veggies. Myeongtae is walleye pollack and naejang are the guts such as the intestines, liver, eggs, and other vittles. I know.

It doesn't sound delicious, but in a hot broth when you are recovering from a night of drinking it is. The place I like to go is right next to my cooking school: Jongno Chiggae Ma-ul. They do a big bowls of different seafood and fish stews. They even have shark meat soup. It's a locals place so you'll often see people doing shots of Soju in the afternoon with their soup.

I highly recommend you try it out. It is perfect for winter time.


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